SpyderClamps Stainless Steel Clamp

Screw: 5/16″ Hex Head; High-nickel grade stainless steel. 201/301 SS.

Housing: High-nickel grade stainless steel. 201/301 SS.

Band: 1/2″; High-nickel grade stainless steel. 201/301 SS.

Installation Torque: 35 in-lbs (4 Nm)

Worm Gear All Stainless Steel Clamp 9/16″ Band Width – Size 32


Price is per clamp

Full carton quantity orders ONLY (500 clamps/carton)

Part number: S6832

Minimum diameter (inches): 1.5

Maximum diameter (inches): 2.5



Special volume pricing available.  Contact us to learn more

Part NumberSizeDiameter - Min. InchesDiameter - Max .inchesCarton QuantitySales Price (per Item)Go to Item
S680660.380.88500$0.40Click Here
S680880.441.0500$0.41Click Here
S6810100.501.06500$0.42Click Here
S6812120.501.25500$0.43Click Here
S6816160.691.50500$0.42Click Here
S6820200.751.75500$0.43Click Here
S6824241.02.0500$0.43Click Here
S6828281.252.25500$0.43Click Here
S6832321.502.50500$0.44Click Here
S6836360.752.75500$0.45Click Here
S6840401.03.0500$0.50Click Here
S6844441.253.25500$0.56Click Here
S6848481.503.50500$0.56Click Here
S6852521.753.75250$0.59Click Here
S6856563.04.0250$0.59Click Here
S6860602.254.25250$0.65Click Here
S6864642.504.50250$0.67Click Here