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The SpyderClamps Story

We created SpyderClamps because we have been frustrated for many years about the relationship between obtaining high quality clamps at a fair and reasonable price.

First and foremost, we are clamp users ourselves. From agricultural, high performance, marine and industrial applications, each member of the SpyderClamps’ team has either designed, specified and/or installed clamps. Most importantly, we all have used a wide range and variery of clamps for many years, so we  are truly aware of the frustration in this industry when it comes to purchasing high quality clamps at competitive prices. our collective dissatisfaction led us to create SpyderClamps.

For too long companies have had two distinct and very different choices when purchasing clamps

  1. Buy high quality clamps at high prices, or
  2. Take a chance and try much lower quality clamps from questionable sources to save money.

We have tried both approaches more times than we can count over time and we ended up being disappointed too many times. Our experience led us to believe that there had to be a better way. This vision led us to begin a process to make higher quality clamps available at prices that would rival low cost providers.

What we initially thought would take a few months to perfect ended up taking well over three years – but we finally got it right!

The result?

  • Precise screw, band and housing geometry.
  • Consistent manufacturing processes.
  • Rock-solid steel that you can count on time after time.

All manufactured with precision and real attention to detail by actual “Clamp People”.

SpyderClamps means users now do not have to sacrifice quality while saving significant money.  In addition, we also happen to have the best customer service in the industry – just to top it off.

Quality clamps at very competitive prices



4647 North 32nd Street, Suite 135
Scottsdale, AZ 85018



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